… I have been talking to many – and I mean hundreds – facility (or operations-) managers on what systems they are using. Every time it surprises me how much paper based systems are still very prominent in the business…

Boggles my mind.

Why do people make themselves more work? Take the process of a corrective maintenance request for example:

  • someone has to pop into your office or wherever you reside
  • fill a sheet with descriptions on copying paper
  • then you have to assign someone to the job
  • ensure the person is skilled and accredited, goes for both staff and contractor personnel
  • authorise them to work
  • have them fix the problem
  • they need to report back again on a piece of paper…

and so on… you see where I am going…

One database, easy made communication, tracking and recording, cut out all the paper and save yourself time to work on other projects!

Most people seemingly do not know how to make things a lot easier for themselves. It does not have to break the bank either.

Let’s remedy that together shall we?

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