Folks, remember last weeks’ scenario? (Apologies for the delay!) If you haven’t read it, you might want to do so now as it really shows what we do.  I will expand this scenario a bit.

We were talking about compliance last time. Let us talk about what kwiklook can do for you in terms of visitor sign in!

Said company has a reception desk, with a receptionist managing visitors. The receptionist, whenever a visitor is to be booked, sends out a form in pdf format to be printed, filled and signed, then scanned and returned. Document contains details such as name, company name and adress, position etc. as well as the confidentiality agreement for the visit. This information is then stored on the receptionists machine, with a copy on the server (still in a pdf).

Once the visitor arrives on site, the receptionist will print out a visitor pass to be worn on a lanyard which has to be returned at end of day, then calls the respective host by phone to come and meet the visitors in the reception area.

At the end of day, reception signs him out and he returns his lanyard.

So far so good. Compliance is given. Host is notified.

Now, if we were to cut out a few steps wouldn’t that be great? Saving time and effort!

The steps visitorid uses are as follows:

  1. The visitor is booked into the system beforehand according to the details he provided and also the dates and time of visit.
  2. Upon arrival he signs himself in on a terminal, chooses security questions, watches the induction, gets a picture taken and prints his visitors’ pass – the host is being notified of his arrival by the system.
  3. This means his details are in the system for  a return visit, the inductions’ vailidity  is being monitored by the system and will show at the next visit if it has expired. The visitor also shows up on the evacuation list. So in the case of an emergency the health and safety officer knows exactly who is on site for the head count in case of emergency.
  4. At end of day, he signs himself out.

PS: The company can keep a record on who was on site and when and if that particular person had been inducted… another compliance relation. Visitorid can also be set up for use of staff and contractor sign in/out of course.

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