remember, kwiklook is there to cut time spent on admin and make your life easier while staying 100% compliant at all times. I will give you a scenario:

An industrial company, producing with 300 employees divided into 10 managers, 20 in sales team and the bulk machine operators, IT, engineers, supervisors etc.

The work health & safety officer, for compliance reasons, has to send around sheets with information, say, regarding fire hazards, different kinds of fires depending on material and/or machine involved, what to do in case of fire/evacuation etc for everyone to read and sign into a book located at reception. This with a weekly frequency.

The officer has to create and update MS Word files (A4) which he keeps on his computer, maybe on the server. He then has to create mailing groups as he sends the information from Outlook. From all the employees only the sales team, the managers, the supervisors, IT etc, have constant access to a computer with mails. The machine operators and the like will have to have a copy printed and handed to them by their respective supervisor – OR they have a shared terminal where they can access their accounts. When all have read the weekly info page they all have to walk up to reception and sign beside their name that they have read and understood the document.

The officer then has to collect that book in which he can see who has and who has not read the safety instructions and then notify the person involved by email….

Compliance achieved but to what price?

The entire process is very awkward, there is a lot of time involved for creating and spreading the information. Then follow up on it and notifying people who have missed the page. Furthermore, having three points of focus for auditing: how does this company notify its employees of (in this example) fire hazards, how does it make sure everyone has read the instructions, how is this traceable in the system?

What would make the process quicker?

  1. have ONE database of hazards and respective safety documents
  2. everyone is being notified FROM THE SYSTEM
  3. the WHS officer can see at ONE GLANCE who has read and not read the instructions and send a note to remedy
  4. at an audit, the auditor just needs to check in ONE SINGLE SPOT if all compliance related items can be checked

So, what does kwiklook do here? Saves loads of time and hassle for literally everyone involved, replaces cumbersome paper-system with a fast and efficient solution that makes being audited less of a nuisance.

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