Any company looking to become OHSAS 18001 certified needs to formulate and implement an Occupational Health & Safety Management System. Hazards need to be identified, risks assessed and control mechanisms set up which is time consuming and not easy to handle.

The kwiklook WHS module helps in achieving the certification! See features below:


  • Easy access to and recording of staff and contractor credentials and training.
  • Flexible induction programs that can be designed to your requirements.
  • Convenience of online functionality for contractor staff – ensure that all contractor staff are inducted before arriving onsite, saving time and creating greater efficiency.
  • The work is done for you with automated alerts generated for credential expiry.
  • Ability to define courses and sessions that staff or contractors need to attend.
  • Register hazards and implement appropriate corrective actions.
  • Additional reports include course attendance, risk register (including risk matrix information) and projects.
  • If integrated with kwiklook Visitor Management module – certification and induction checks can be performed at reception or other entry areas.
  • Create and manage projects by sourcing information from all areas of kwiklook and outside inputs to ensure continuous improvement processes are in place.
  • If integrated with kwiklook Communications module – link diary entries, tasks, journal entries and hazards to different projects.

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