Hi folks, this week’s blog post deals with our Lifestyle Services module.

kwiklook Lifestyle Services is targeted to businesses providing residential services. It provides an easy to use software platform for staff to record information on residents. Property information can also be stored for individual properties or for property portfolios. Cut your admin time greatly with this module!


  • Efficiently record resident information such as medical, next of kin, contract details, accommodation type etc. Also includes the ability to include a photo of each resident for easy recall.
  • Store occupant contracts in one place for easy access and reporting.
  • Ability to record property features – for example disabled access, furnished/unfurnished, garage spaces etc.
  • Detailed resident and property reporting with drill-down features – easily view vacancies, waiting lists, and property features.
  • Link kwiklook Lifestyle Services with kwiklook Maintenance & Asset Management and Incident Management for complete management of your properties and any incidents that occur.

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