Hello everyone! This post gives you an insight into our Asset & Maintenance module.

It basically features an asset register which links a specific maintenance job to every single particular asset. These jobs are then fed into a schedule and this provides you with a comprehensive overview on which asset is being maintained at which frequency. This means you stay on top of your maintenance work!

Key feature in this: Whoever is conducting the maintenance job will be automatically contacted directly, whether it be an in-house technician or a contractor. This cuts admin exceptionally! The respective manager will receive a notification as well of course. That way it is always guaranteed that the job will be done by the appropriate personnel in the shortest time possible with less admin. Good-bye paperwork!!!

More information below. If you have questions, drop us a line and we get back to you asap!


  • Simplify recording, management and reporting of maintenance jobs.
  • Easily record and track costs associated with maintenance jobs.
  • Reduce the stress of managing planned maintenance jobs via user-friendly calendar interfaces
  • Flexibility to link multiple assets to a single planned maintenance job.
  • Ability to log maintenance history against individual assets for retrieval at a later date.
  • Flexible reporting tools providing statistical data by category and comparisons against previous years and benchmark averages.
  • Stay on budget with reports on cash flow and job costs.
  • Enter corrective maintenance jobs from any web enabled device via kwiklook online